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Family Fitness Class

Family Fitness Class

Family Fitness Class

Family fun and getting fit all at the same time


What is our Family Fitness class?

Our Family Fitness Class is a workout for the whole family! It’s all about having fun and getting fit at the same time.  Kids love getting one over on Mum & Dad – and let’s be honest it works the other way too.

During the summer this workout takes place in the local woods using what nature has given to use for our gym.  In the winter we train here in our usual place, however the focus remains on fun, fitness and teamwork.

This class is for adults and children of any age.

The Bootcamp is outside unless the weather is REALLY bad, when we take it inside.

Price is just £10 for a family or £8 as an individual or if you are already a FLI Fitness membership then just £5!

Why not join us for some family fun this Saturday!

Summer equipment


In the woods we have a variety of natural equipment to use


  • Hills
  • Logs
  • Trees
  • Car tyres which we carry/push to the woods
  • Swiss ball

Winter equipment


Because we are an outdoor class we have plenty of space to train using


  • Tyres both car and tractor
  • Swiss ball
  • Sand bags
  • Ropes

What will a Bootcamp class do for me?

  • Improve your fitness
  • Strengthen your core
  • Burn lots of calories
  • Have fun with your kids
  • Teamwork

What will I need?


  • 1 hour of your time
  • A willingness to train regularly
  • Lots of enthusiasm
  • Comfortable clothing with supportive footwear suitable for outdoor exercising
  • Bottle of water