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Fat Loss Course

Fat Loss Course

Fat Loss Course

The journey to WAKE UP your perfect body


What is the FLI Fitness Fat Loss Course?

We offer our Fat Loss Course twice a year to 12 dedicated and motivated people who wish to improve their health, lose weight, and as a result gain vibrant energy levels that you never thought could be achieved.

You will learn that wellness and weight loss is not achieved through calorie counting and endless fitness classes. Additionally you will learn how to transform your life by taking care of your body and mind, enabling you to feel happy, healthy and to lose weight without deprivation and discipline.

We offer you an intense but caring 6-week course designed to get you on the path to a healthy body and healthy mind. It is not a fad diet; in fact, it is not a diet at all. We give you the understanding, the knowledge and the confidence to unleash your perfect self, leading you to lose weight such as you have always wanted to but maybe struggled to maintain or to follow on your own.

At FLI, our team is formed of highly qualified, dedicated coaches with years of experience. We understand that each and every one of you is an individual and therefore has a unique metabolic make up and we have the tools to unlock your health and help your body repair and rebuild.

We will give you individual attention but within an inspired support group; which is proven to be the best approach for achieving and maintaining long lasting results. As it is our intention that this is a once in a lifetime course, that never needs to be repeated, as we are confident you will have learned everything you need for maintaining your weight loss.

*Results may vary from person to person

Course Contents

  • 1 x Introductory session where you will meet your coaches and fellow course mates and receive a full explanation of the course.
  • 6 x Group nutrition, lifestyle and health coaching sessions.
  • 6 x Group Personal training sessions, 6 in the first 6 weeks (split into smaller groups)
  • 2-4 Bootcamp sessions per week from our timetable of 12
  • A journal in which to enter your experiences, food, goals and daily accomplishments
  • Recipes
  • Planned workouts
  • Fat Loss secrets unveiled
  • Your personal coach
  • Private support forum
  • 25 years of experience

Cost of the Course

We have made our course affordable and value for money**

Call Steve today to join our next course!

  • Sign up today for either the Early Bird payment of £400 or spread your payment over 3 months and pay £150 a month (Total payment £450)

Join Today for a Better You!

    ** Compared to individually purchasing Group Personal Training £525, Group Health Coaching £525 and Bootcamp for three months £120, totaling £1,170


Programme Details


Introduction – Understanding YOU!

What you think about – you become. So we will teach you techniques on how to be kind to your mind

You will learn how to break the vicious cycle of failing to lose weight and so losing the motivation to carry on causing you find yourself back where you started or worst still further back. As a result, we show you how to set yourself up for victory and continuing throughout each day with a determined and focused mind-set.

We will also take your measurements and photos so as to help motivate and reinforce your progress along your journey.

WEEK 1 – It’s all about adding in and not taking out!

Most weight-loss programmes focus on taking out foods and reducing calories, but we will teach you why this doesn’t work in the long term and what you should be doing in order maintain a healthy diet.

You will understand why it is not about willpower – but nurture!

Amazingly, adding in nutrients is the key to your future Fat-loss as more is definitely less! You will learn that eating more nutrients leads to less over eating, less desire for sugar and those unhealthy fats so establishing a long-term, healthy way of living. During the first week I will be guiding you through a detoxification process in order to clean and heal the gut. It is impossible to lose weight if you are not absorbing nutrients and so this first week is challenging but essential.


Very often the focus is only on food when in fact, good hydration is essential to health and to weight loss. So we will explain the importance of the right kind of hydration and help you to understand why it is key to a healthy weight, body and mind. You will also be entering the 1st phase after detoxification, we will be focused on continuing to eliminate sugar and adding in essential fats and nutrients.

WEEK 3 – The ball is well and truly rolling and its time to evaluate how you are doing!

What are you finding easy? What is challenging you?

It’s also time to learn about the dangers of sugar and how to eliminate hidden sugars and dramatically reduce unnecessary starch in your daily diet. Easy changes to make, yet yield huge RESULTS, enabling you to make those permanent changes to your diet.


How many hours on average do you sleep?

How many hours do you need to sleep?

Do you understand the importance of sleep and how to set yourself an evening routine that supports your body and its need for rest and repair?

Just to let you know how wonderful I feel 4 weeks into this course. I had lots of health ailments in particular IBS which has completely gone in fact not one episode which is amazing as the condition was very embarrassing.

Also my asthma is so much better and I am able to jog and run again.

I cannot thank you enough and I’m looking forward to the next 6 weeks.


Rachel 10th February 2016
*Results may vary from person to person

WEEK 5 – How does stress effect my weight?

This week you will learn about how stress effects your eating habits and how your body reacts to it. We will show you how you can sustain your fat loss by being more aware of your emotions.

You will understand how having more calm in your life improves your health and reduces your pain and we will provide you with tips and techniques for reducing your daily anxiety and stress, including breathing and meditation.

Ok, I’ve signed up for 3 months of Bootcamp, and Health Coaching sessions with FLI Fitness. They also do personal training, holistic healing and much more. I’m on week 5 and I’ve gotten so much out of it, mainly a commitment to my own personal health and well being and working with a group of people who are very inspiring.


Edith 15th February 2016

WEEK 6 –  Its time to see the results!

Your weight health and happiness is in your hands so now is where we start to let go just a little. The course becomes a little less intense as you learn how to use the power of NOW, encouraging you to take control of your life and your fitness.

We will evaluate your journey so far and take photos and measurements to enable you to see your results and help maintain your motivation.

After week 6 we want you to continue coming to the FLI Bootcamp sessions where we will continue to monitor, coach and motivate you. We will be evaluating your progress 3 and 6 weeks later after you have completed a further 6 weeks of Bootcamp.

This is an exciting challenge for anyone wanting to get fit and lose some weight and tone up. It is also an excellent way to keep you on your goals as Steve and Lisa are both very supportive and knowledgeable about enabling you to do it. For me it has helped to get me into a routine of exercising again, we have all been there started new programme and by week three can’t be bothered to go or make excuses.

Being in a small group helps you get to know the others and everyone is supportive to each other. The other bonus of this is that when you attend boot camp there is someone from the group there so you don’t feel isolated and you can support each other.

For me it has brought a new way of cooking and eating a much healthier approach which keeps you fuller and going for longer. I have found a lot of new foods and ways of cooking which I didn’t do in the past. The other bits to the course have been a more holistic approach which takes in everything and has been a interesting journey to follow.

It is well worth signing up for this if you need to get into the habit of exercising and eating well, there is no diet you don’t feel hungry and are not counting calories or starving yourself. You have a team available to support you and then there is Facebook page where we all support each other.


Donna February 2016

Cost of the Course

We have made our course affordable and value for money**

Call Steve today to join our next course!

  • Sign up today for either the Early Bird payment of £600 or spread your payment over 3 months and pay £250 a month (Total payment £750)

Join Today for a Better You!



    ** Compared to individually purchasing Group Personal Training £525, Group Health Coaching £525 and Bootcamp for three months £120, totaling £1,170

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