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Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training


FLI Group Personal Training gives the guidance of a skilled trainer, with the added motivation of friendly competition. So we can keep our sessions tailored we do limit group sizes to no more than 4 people. Our group training gives you a bespoke service, tailored to your group needs and delivered on a personal and private level. We are qualified and experienced to deliver a results based service that you will feel within weeks.


So Why Train with a Friend?

Group training with a friend or colleague allows you to split the cost of your training be still keeping the personal touch – but without the price tag!

Often we stay within our comfort zone but unfortunately goals are not achieved when we do this – so will push each person in the Group to their personal limit and a little beyond.  Our trainers are friendly and supportive and with the added motivation of training with others, you will achieve more than you think is possible.

Before you first session, each person in the group will undergo an initial consultation in order analyse your moment and mobility, we will also take measurements and with your permission a before photo Three months later you will be amazed, as the camera never lies!



Group Personal training sessions

Tailored to meet your objectives

Groups of up to 4

Measurable results


Steve Denby

Jenny Rumsey

Billy Bilham



Free Consultation to help us put together a fitness and wellness package to suit you

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